This weekend is for all Level 3 and Level 4 Practitioners. It is where we come together to learn and share and grow as practitioners of PrimeTuning under Elaine's guidance.

Happiness Workshop:

Date: TBA 2018
Venue: Ulladulla
This is a half-day workshop.

Relationships Workshop:

Date: TBA 2018
Venue: TBA
This is a half-day workshop. Discover how to share yourself with the people unhindered by the emotions that would cause chaos in your relationships.

Parents and Carers Workshop:

Date: TBA 2018
Venue: TBA
This is a half day workshop. Discover how to transform your children's emotions and stress. Release what would hinder our children, of all ages, in their home, their studies and friendships. They can then move forward with freedom and grow in their own truth.


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